Hand forged artisan bread

Currently we are open for both online pre-order pick up and same day walk in sales. Our new hours for walk in sales are Tuesday through Friday, 7am-5pm; Saturday & Sunday, 7am-3pm. We are closed Mondays. Online orders require 2 days notice. Please scroll down for more information, or click the "Shop Now" button on the upper right hand side of your screen to place an online order.

Special Events, Employment Opportunities and Protocols & Procedures

Special Events: To place an order for the Monteverde drop off dinner event, click here.

Employment Opportunities:  We are currently hiring for an experienced bread baker.  Click here for the job posting.  We are also hiring for an Assistant Savory Chef.  Click here for the job posting.

Protocols and Procedures:

Currently, we are offering both same day/walk up sales and online pre-order contactless pick up outside of the store.  Our retail store is open Tuesday through Friday, 7am-5pm; Saturday & Sunday, 7am-3pm. Follow the guidelines posted outside of the store to enter.  Online pre-orders can be picked up between 8am – 3pm.  If you would like to place a pre-order, visit our online store.  Once we receive your order, you will be invoiced through Square.  Online orders can be picked up at the east door of the bakery.  Walk in customers should enter at the west door.

Online Pre-Orders must be placed two days ahead of time.  So, if you place your order Thursday, it will be ready for you on Saturday.  We are no longer accepting phone orders.

Special holiday items can be ordered through TOCK.

All customers entering the store are required to wear a mask or face covering. Please follow the posted instructions outside the store  prior to entering.

We are not accepting Wildcard discounts at this time. Also, we are unable to punch frequent bread buyer cards until further notice.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate through these challenging times.

COVID Protocols:

  • All staff  –  and customers – are required to wear face masks at all times.
  • All staff do temperature checks and health screenings every day at the bakery prior to starting their shift.  Beginning in December of 2020, all staff are being tested for COVID surveillance screenings once a week.
  • A 6 feet, 4 inch high plexiglass screen runs the entire length of the front counter area to prevent contact between customers and staff.
  • No more than 8 people are permitted in the store at one time. Two people per party can enter, but they will be counted as part of the total number allowed in the store.
  • All walk-in customers enter through the west door and exit through the middle door.
  • High-touch surfaces are disinfected frequently throughout the day.
  • We are using contactless payment for all transactions and are not accepting cash until further notice.

If you would like to learn more about our COVID-19 preparedness plan and prevention protocol, please reach out to Julie Matthei.

Note that our new location is 1733 Central Street. Our Dempster St. location is now closed.  

We wish you and your family good health.

Daily Specials

Our bread selection rotates daily and consists of our country loaf, blonde country loaf, whole wheat, whole wheat seeded and rotating specialty loaves. They are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please note that this schedule is subject to change pending ingredient availability and/or certain holidays or events.
Hewn Cheddar Bread


Country, Blonde Country

Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat Seeded


Spent Grain

Red Fife


Country, Blonde Country

Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat Seeded

Garlic Parmesan



Hewn Potato Rosemary Bread


Country, Blonde Country

Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat Seeded

Red Fife

Potato Rosemary


Hewn Picholine Olive Bread


Country, Blonde Country

Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat Seeded

Caramelized Onion Rye

Turkey Red

Sprouted Buckwheat

*Picholine Olive currently unavailable



Country, Blonde Country

Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat Seeded

Polenta Pumpkin Seed

Midwest Blend

Holmenkollen Rye

Cinnamon Raisin

Hewn Cranberry Walnut Bread


Country, Blonde Country

Whole Wheat, Whole Wheat Seeded

Cranberry Walnut

Cinnamon Raisin

Red Fife


Our story

Hewn is an independent, woman-owned bakery

In a time of big box stores and large chains, Hewn is a return back to a smaller, family owned and operated bakery. We value our team of bakers, pastry chefs and front staff, and we love being part of the vibrant and diverse community of Evanston.

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